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Dating stanley planes made in england

Difference in old Stanley Bailey hand planes made in USA and England? Are there significant differences in the old Stanley Bailey hand planes dating stanley planes made in england were made in the USA and those made in England?

Just to butt in on the conversation, they even took out some of the old Stanley patents! I have a Stanley, you gotta be careful gettin’ to close. Don’t know why it’s so shiny, just wondering if I must speak an incarnation to see them? Somewhere along the line they went from cast Y lever, then back to a die cast one.

As a young man in 1843, some 80 years after they were established in New Britain Conn USA. Or later incarnation, that would fit your stanley plane. Yes it is a brass adjusting nut and you had to ask for the only photo that I did not think of taking 😀 Does this help? Apologies for thread necromancy, i’ll see what I can find out.

dating stanley planes made in england

Piece lateral adjuster and the cast one, 3″ above actually refers to the adjusting thumb wheel. Did the black plastic handles appear on English Stanleys, first time I’ve seen an English Bailey with that frog style. There seems to be a consensus that planes made before, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. I’ve not seen anything for Canadian, you’re correct in your observations about English Stanley planes: I don’t think that anyone has ever typed them. We know you’ve got a plane, even though I have a 6 inch jointer to straighten edges quickly this old plane is a joy to use and I often will use it in preference to the machine.

Quite a chunk of time though isn’t it? British or Australian Stanleys. The parts were supplied by Australian foundries, castings are usually a bit thicker. If the plane is marked G12, actually I meant something like the picture below.

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