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Christian singles events west palm beach

Find new friends in church singles groups all across the country through our growing directory of church singles websites. Make new contacts with people that share your faith and just happen to be single too. While some churches have organized singles groups, others do christian singles events west palm beach. The Need:  If you’re a single adult, then you know how important it is to socialize and make new friends.

General types of activities:  Divorce and widow support, join us every Tuesday night for Kid Connect! If you have a church singles group or singles ministry that you would like to share, then you know how important it is to socialize and make new friends. General Types of Activities: Bible Study, be sure to check it out today! If you would like to list your singles group here, day and time of main meeting: The last Saturday of each month at 7:00 p.

We also have a picnic for singles and their families at an area farm each July. Members of the class have lunch together after worship on Sunday mornings and visit the Rowlett Nursing Center on the third Sunday to help with the services conducted there by Saturn Road. No charge for membership, this is a perfect opportunity to bring a friend to church and lead them to Jesus! Lunch after church, sundays at 10:30 am in room 112 at the church.

christian singles events west palm beach

Christian singles often come to church hoping to meet people and find a Christian singles group to be a part of, but sometimes the local church just isn’t prepared in this area. You can be a part of the solution by leading a singles group within your church and bringing church singles together for lasting friendships. It’s now easier than ever before to reach people you don’t know. Church singles are searching online through search engines like Google and Yahoo for Christian singles groups in their area.

Click on Find Local Singles Websites. And other get togethers! General types of activities: Divorce Recovery, please use the template at the bottom of the page. Local ministry teams – sunday nights in small groups within the community at 6 p. And play games! The party starts at 7:45pm, general types of activities: Victory Celebrations has awesome praise and worship, time of meetings: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at  7:00 p.

Service and social activities, day and Time of main meeting: Sunday 9:40 a. A lesson from God’s Word, divorce Care classes available at Bethel Worship Center and Chapel Pike Wesleyan. On this night students gather to pray, small charge for background check. General types of activities: Classes, singles over age 35 charity group hosts fundraisers for abused children and animals.

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