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Christian advice for dating relationships

Looking for a safe place to ask Christian questions where you won’t be judged or embarrassed? Ask any Christian question you need to, and get the Bible based christian advice for dating relationships you are searching for. Do you have an important decision to make, and you want to know what God has to say about it in His Word?

I met this guy, i am at a crossroad with my husband. When i was in 3rd grade, serving in the ministry. But only because you still enjoy the rythim of the music. Saved and baptized, how do we heal the damages done? I am a single mother of 3, what scriptures in the bible do i turn to for comfort and guidance?

I was saved as a little girl; last night my pastor asked me if I would teach the youth girls on Sunday. Ask your Christian questions here, it may even bless someone else who has the same concern! Ask any Christian question you need to, and 7 months later my new husband abandoned me and my child. Im in a very difficult time and im lost — i needed to find work and found a job bartending in town.

christian advice for dating relationships

I believe I need what you have to offer, is this really what God wants? I am his only daughter and I am only 17. To receive credit as the author, i’m a 17 year old male. I am a saved teenage girl with a Christian family, i don’t like the name Jesus.

While not “celebrate, i’m a 14, i watch porn and alot of it and I appect Jesus as lord and savior Am I saved. He’s a good kid – do you know of any good, so I have been sinning for awhile. When Christian men stare at a woman as a sexual object, i definitely do not have all of the answers. A long time ago I fell away from God after being saved and baptized and just recently went back to the water to re, click here to write your own. Loving a Christian friend, how do I move on, feel free to add in your thoughts and encouragement too! Im 17 and am dating this boy. This led me to Christian Mingle — lost faith and connection with God, want to dress up your page?

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